Food Resources 2018-10. Contents



01. Improving the technology of flour confectionery products of a functional purpose for confectionery companies and restaurant enterprises
A. Abramova, K. Rubanka, O. Pysarets
Pages: 7-12
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02. Scientific-innovative binomial as conceptual basis of technical perfection of designs of meat mincers and cutters
O. Batrachenko, S. Verbytskyi
Pages: 13-27
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03. Investigation of direct aromatic raw market used in the technologies of tomato souses
O. Benderska, А. Bessarab, N. Hrehirchak, А. Shikirawa
Pages: 28-33
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04. Mathematical model of work of a membrane hydraulically driven pump for foodstuffs dosing
I. Bernyk, V. Petrus
Pages: 34-40
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05. Bread prices and consumers’ purchasing power in Ukrainian and in the world
О. Bokiy
Pages: 41-48
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06. Substantiation of formulations of value added pate products, intended for nutrition of children of preschool and school age
L. Borsolyuk, L. Voitsekhivska, O. Franko, T. Shelkova, S.B. Verbytskyi
Pages: 49-62
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07. Features of application of procedures that based on the HACCP principles at the enterprises of the state reserve of Ukraine
O. Gavrylenko, O. Zaslavskyi, N. Onyshchenko, O. Velikanov
Pages: 63-66
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08. Research of foam-like structure of gluten-free non-yeast dough with use of hydrocolloids and concentrates of animal proteins
I. Haliasnyi, T. Gavrish, O. Shanina 
Pages: 67-75
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09. Application of lignified bagasse from sugar sorghum as sorbents for treatment of soils
N. Grigorenko, L. Kupchyk, V. Denisovich
Pages: 76-81
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10. Choice of receptor components for the production of fruit soils based on cornus masl
A. Grushkovska, S. Matko, L. Melnyk, Т. Sheiko
Pages: 82-87
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11. Complex indicator of quality of sugars and sugar substitutes and their use in the production of confectionery products
A. Dorohovych, V. Dorohovych, L. Mazur, O. Pisarets
Pages: 88-100
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12. Use of sesame flour in the production of wheat bread
V. Drobot, Yu. Bondarenko, O. Bilyk, A. Grishchenko
Pages: 101-110
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13. The influence of cows feeding type on the organic milk quality parameters
Ya. Zhukova, P. Petrov
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14. The influence of gelatin and starter culture on the physical and chemical parameters of cheeses with different fat content
Ya. Zhukova, P. Petrov, O. Boloba, T. Ohrimenko, O. Naumenko.
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15. Demand and consumption of meat in the regions of Ukraine and the world
O. Kovalenko, H. Lysenko
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16. Research of influence of raw material of plant origin on the quality of formed chips
А. Kovtun, V. Kovbasа, V. Pichkur
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17. Nutritional and energy value of sweet pepper fruit depending on variety
V. Koltunov, К. Kalaida
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18. Detecting and withdrawing of foreign inclusions as critical control points of HACCP plans for meat processing facilities
K. Kopylova, S. Verbytskyi, T. Kos, O. Verbova, O. Kozachenko
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19. Investigation of the effects of fructosis and lactosis on technological operations of manufacture of crystalline structure
O. Kokhan, O. Onofriichuk, L. Khomichak
Pages:168 -175
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20. Integration of the agricultural sector of Ukraine to the EU's internal market: challenges and decreases
D. Krysanov
Pages: 176-188
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21. Manufacture of starch products in Ukrainian
І. Kuznіetchova, М. Yarmolyuk
Pages: 189-192
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22. Modeling the composition of the sausages with the smeared consistence and study of the indicators of their quality
V. Lyzova, L.Voytsekhivska, T. Schelckova
Pages: 193-199
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23. High-protein bread for consumers with increased protein requirements
V. Makhynko, А. Listratenko, O. Pisarets
Pages: 200-205
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24. Characteristics of dry milk- carbohydrate mixtures of spray drying carbohydrate
A. Minorova, I. Romanchuk, N. Krushelnitskaya
Pages: 206-212
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25. Scientific and methodological aspects of selection of phage resistance of starter microorganisms
O. Naumenko, N. Kigel
Pages: 213-219
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26. Processing of industrial wastes of corn using different yeast strains on Zarubinsky bioethanol factory
S. Oliynichuk, O. Koval, T.  Lysak
Pages: 220-225
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27. Rheological parameters of cheese curd
Y. Orlyuk, M. Shynkaryk, O. Kravets, M. Konevych
Pages: 226-231
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28. Expedience of the use of psyllium as structure former in the technology of gluten-free bakery products
O. Pisarets, N. Bela, I. Getman, A. Semenova
Pages: 232-236
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29. Organisms composition of active sludge of oil wastewater and the agro industrial complex cleaning
O. Semenova, N. Bublienko,T. Shylofost, L. Reshetnyak
Pages: 237-242
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30. Grounds for promotion of shelf life of the "Mozzarella" cheese by use of a nizin preparation
T. Semko, L. Kolianovska, O. Ivanishcheva
Pages: 243-247
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31. General approach to the reliability of work of the mini-bakery on the mobile platform
I. Stadnuk, V. Vasyliv, T. Kos
Pages: 248-253
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32. Provision of quality of pectin pastes for food products of therapeutic and prophylactic appointment
Y. Sukhenko, V. Dudchenko, L. Korec’, T. Kos
Pages: 254-258
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33. Regional balance of ethyl alcohol in Ukrainian
O. Shmagliy
Pages: 259-268
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34. The state of demand and supply of milk and milk products in regions of Ukraine and in the world
N. Yurchenko
Pages: 269-275
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