Food Resources 2017-09. Contents



01. Food sector of Ukraine in the world measurement
M. Sichevsky, L. Deineko
Pages: 7-15
02. Ways to improve the market of bakery products of Ukraine
O. Bokiy
Pages: 16-25
03. Actual state and prospects of export activity development in Vinnytsia region
N. Burlaka
Pages: 26-32
04. Formation of value added in dairy product chains
O. Varchenko, D. Krysanov
Pages: 33-43
05. Reforms of land matters: international experience
A. Diuk
Pages: 44-49
06. Assessment of the effectiveness of national food security in international comparisons: the innovative aspect
O. Kovalenko
Pages: 50-69
07. Priority directions of innovation and technological modernization of the system of industrial water use in Ukraine
O. Koltunovych
Pages: 70-74
08. Market infrastructure regulation instruments that provide competitive advantages of the meat processing industry of Ukraine
H. Lysenko
Pages: 75-82
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09. Brand of the rurаl territories as agro-food territories: image advantages and limitations
I. Pavlova
Pages: 83-89
10. Food industry of Ukraine: National and global dimension of modern dynamics
O. Shmagliy
Pages: 90-97
11. Key aspects for providing quality of the milk in the dairy industry
N. Yurchenko
Pages: 98-105
12. Methodological aspects of the research of the cycle of development of Ukrainian economy and the branches of the food industry
L. Yashchenko
Pages: 106-114
13. Study of leaching starch potato functional technologies
G. Bandurenko, М. Pisarev
Pages: 115-119
14. The influence of stabilizers of the structure on the properties of cream bases for the manufacture of low-earth fat products
O. Bodnarchuk
Pages: 120-125
15. Research of physical, chemical and technological parameters of plant raw materials in formulations of functional pates
L. Borsolyuk, L. Voitsekhivska, S. Verbytskyi, V. Lyzova
Pages: 126-135
16. Antibacterial metabolites of lactic acid bacteria: the mechanism of action and practical use
V. Bortsyukh, M. Shugai.
Pages: 136-143
17. Peculiarities of DSTU 4450:2005 «Canned meat. Stewed meat. Specifications» application to quality control of production, which received to store by state reserve of Ukraine
O. Gavrylenko, O. Zaslavskyi, O. Kozych, T. Nesterchuk, O. Velikanov
Pages: 144-149
18. Improvement of the method of sugars extracting from stems of sorghum
N. Grigorenko, N. Stangeeva
Pages: 150-153
19. Research of lyophilization influence on fertilizing culture for kefir
V. Gudyma, O. Naumenko.
Pages: 154-160
20. The use of green tea and ginger extracts in the technology of beverages with increased biological value
K. Danilova, L. Tkachenko, O. Vitryak
Pages: 161-166
21. Authenticity of organic dairy products: analysis of potential markers
Ya. Zhukova, P. Petrov
Pages: 167-175
22. Modern instrumental methods for the identification of gelatin in foodstuffs
Ya. Zhukova, P. Petrov, T. Kobylinskaya
Pages: 176-188
23. Electrochemical activation in processes of alcohol production from starch containing raw materials
N. Zub, L. Palianytsia, N. Berezovska, R. Kosiv
Pages: 189-194
24. The review of innovative biotechnologies of the starter cultures and bacterial preparations of the Institute Food Resources of NAAS
N. Kigel, S. Danylenko, O. Naumenko, O. Potemska
Pages: 195-202
25. Summarizing demands to safety and quality of foods in normative documents important for regulation of food security issues
K. Kopylova, S. Verbytskyi, O. Verbova
Pages: 203-210
26. Research of nutritional value of students’ diet aiming at its further optimization
T. Kos, K. Kopylova
Pages: 211-214
27. Perspective directions for processing of fruit of tomatoes
І. Kuznetchova, М. Yarmolyuk
Pages: 215-221
28. Research of biochemical processes during storage of beer and ways to increase its firmness
A. Meletiyev, K. Danilova, S. Oliynychuk
Pages: 222-227
29.Study of spelt and pumpkin flour influence on bread consumer characteristics
S. Mykolenko, Y. Hez’
Pages: 228-234
30. Lactic Acid Bacteria: Microbiological and Functional Aspects to search bioactive strains
О. Naumenko
Pages: 235-243
31. Impact of technological factors on viscosity of rye wort
S. Oliynichuk, N. Protsan, L. Tkachenko
Pages: 244-248
32. Determination of food value of milk products: present-day views and methodical recommendations
I. Romanchuk, A. Minorova, L. Moiseyeva, N. Krushelnytska
Pages: 249-254
33. Lime hydration with sugar-containing solutions: Disadvantages and advantages
S. Tkachenko, T. Sheyko, L. Khomichak, L. Verchenko
Pages: 255-259
34. Methods of cleaning raw juice with the use of hydroxide aluminum in nano-dimensional condition
S. Tkachenko, L. Khomichak, L. Verchenko, T. Sheyko
Pages: 260-264