Food Resources 2017-08. Contents



01. Substantiation of the necessity to enhance technical conditions of raw meats storage when they are used to guarantee food security of the state
K. Kopylova, S. Verbytskyi
Pages: 9-16
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02. Metrological characteristics of methods of control of quality indicators of dry and concentrated milk processing products
I. Romanchuk, A. Minorova, N. Krushelnitskaya
Pages: 17-22
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03. Use of organic acids for acidification molasses wort in the production of bioethanol
S. Oliynichuk. O. Koval, Yu. Batog, Ye. Ilchenko
Pages: 23-28
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04. The mathematical model of filtering process at low concentration suspension
Y. Orlyuk, M.M. Shynkaryk, O.I. Kravets
Pages: 29-35
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05. Determinations of the bacterial quality of animal origins
S. Danylenko, K. Kopylova, I. Panasiuk, T. Kryzhska
Pages: 36-41
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06. The study of the enzyme preparation "Protepsin" effect on salting of meat with different quality characteristics
L. Voitsekhivska, V.  Lyzova, L. Borsolyuk, T. Schelckova
Pages: 42-48
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07. Heatexchange during convective drying of pulp of air and superheated steam
V. Shutyuk, S. Vasylenko, Yu. Dashkovskiy
Pages: 49-57
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08. Cocktails technology of baby food with whey and quince puree
K. Danilova, L. Tkachenko, A. Vitryak
Pages: 58-63
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09. Development of integrated technology for processing of plant raw materials, derived from sugar sorgo
N. Grigorenko, V. Stangeev, L. Kupchik, L. Kotynska
Pages: 64-68
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10. Comparison of biological value calculation methods of organic and conventional milk protein
P. Petrov, Ya. Zhukova, F. Lystopad
Pages: 69-80
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11. The benefits of milk whey application in the technology of wheat-corn bread
O. Pisarets, A. Semenova, V. Drobot
Pages: 81-85
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12. Study and content dependence of bone inclusions mechanically poultry separate from temperature and type of raw material
S. Bondar, L. Voitsekhivska, S.B. Verbytskyi, Y. Okhrimenko, T. Klyschova, S. Sokolova
Pages: 86-92
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13. Research plant extract raw materials with maximum preservation of nutrients
Pages: 93-97
Т. Sheiko, S. Tkachenko, I. Grinenko, M. Yarmolyuk, L. Khomichak
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14. Biological and technological properties of new strains of lactobacilli
Pages: 98-104
M. Shugai, N. Tshorna
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15. Starter cultures in raw milk manufacturing industry
I. Vlasenko, V. Vlasenko, T. Semko
Pages: 105-109
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16. Role of organoleptic test during quality evaluation of food products
O. Zaslavskyi, O. Havrylenko, S. Tomyn, S. Stanislaviv, O. Velikanov
Pages: 110-114
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17. Characterization of chemical composition and technological properties of wholemeal sorghum flour
V. Drobot, J. Pryhodko, N. Belaya
Pages: 115-120
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18. Study of the influence of the storage life on quality of polycomponent mixtures based on tea and coffee
K. Rubanka
Pages: 121-125
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19. Dairy products for health food
T. Kuzyk, N. Kigel, S. Danylenko
Pages: 126-131
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20. Use of sesame flour in the technology of sponge cake of functional purpose
A. Abramova, K. Rubanka, O. Pysarets
Pages: 132-137
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21. Efficiency of use of dry whey protein concentrate in production of bakery goods
O. Bilyk, V. Kovbasa, V. Malynovsky, О. Бandura
Pages: 138-142
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22. Assimilation of CO2by plants as a theoretical basis of the development of micro- and nanotechnologies in the context of the development of a beet-sugar industry cluster
B. Sinelnikov
Pages: 143-148
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23. Justification of growth option for bakery products market in Ukraine
O. Bokiy
Pages: 149-160
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24. Methodological and methodical evaluation principles of potential regional development of food industry and its sectors
O. Shmahlii
Pages: 161-172
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25. Innovation activity of food industry Ukraine
A. Sihayov, L. Yashchenko
Pages: 173-181
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26. Potential of meat processing industry in the structure of Ukraine's food industry
H. Lysenko
Pages: 182-192
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27. Analytical evaluation of market of milk and dairy products of Ukraine and its prospects
N. Yurchenko
Pages: 193-202
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