Food Resources 2016-07. Contents



01. Scientific ground development of biotechnologies in food industry
M. Sychevskiy
Pages: 9-14
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02. Generating and transfer of innovations are high-priority directions in activity of Food resources institute of NAAS
K. Kopylova
Pages: 15-21
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03. Improvement of biotechnology smoked-cooked balyk with the use of a bacterial preparation Bactoferm Cs-300 and composition of multicomponent brine
L. Bal-Prilipko, E. R. Starkova
Pages: 22-27
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04. Canned meats as complementary foods for babies
L. Voitsekhivska, V. Lyzova, L. Borsolyuk, T. Schelckova
Pages: 28-32
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05. Method for detection of biogenous magnetic nanoparticles in biomaterial of different origin
N. Kigel, S. Gorogets, M. Bulayevska, A. Gnatiuk, O. Golub
Pages: 33-37
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06. Methods of selection of phage tolerant strains lactic acid bacteria
O. Naumenko
Pages: 38-45
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07. Rice flour as stabilizer in fermented milk products
I. Romanchuk, T. Rudakova, L. Moiseeva, O. Gondar
Pages: 46-52
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08. Influence of oil phase on the intensity of proteolytic processes in cheeses with white mold
Ts. Korol, G. Chumanska, Ya. Zhukova
Pages: 53-62
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09. Use of Lactobacillus casei  spp. casei 055 to protect cheese from Escherichia coli
M. Shugai, Ya. Zhukova, N. Tshorna. G. Kalmykova, Y. Ohrimenko.
Pages: 63-72
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10. Investigation of structural and mechanical properties of spreads
O. Bodnarchuk, G. Yeresko, N. Kigel
Pages: 73-78
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11. Food security and agroindustrial complex: basic principles and possibility of their implementation in practice of technical regulation
S. Verbytskyi, O. Cherniak, N. Patsera
Pages: 79-86
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12. Formation of thermoacid cheese rheology during fermentation of cheese mass
G. Kalmykova, O. Bodnarchuk
Pages: 87-91
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13. Lactic acid bacteria selection based on rheological characteristics
O. Potemska, N. Kigel, S. Danylenko, K. Kopylova, V. Zakrevska
Pages: 92-99
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14. Milk quality improvement as a new opportunity for food industry development in Vinnytsia region
O. Skoromna, G. Ogorodnichuk. T. Golubenko. О. Shuliak
Pages: 100-106
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15. Justification of shelf life prolongation for dairy products manufactured with the use of “Akvaton” reagent
I. Diudina, T. Strikalenko
Pages: 107-116
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16. Optimal hydrodynamic modes of processing in rotor-vortex emulsifier at the production of the curd product
M. Shynkaryk, V. Voroshchuk, H. Yeres'ko, T. Rudakova, S. Narizhnyy
Pages: 117-124
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17. The biological value of pastes based on the fish roe
A. Menchyns'ka, T. Lebs'ka
Pages: 125-130
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18. Determination of filtration rate of sugar semi-finished products
L. Khomichak, S. Tkachenko, T. Sheyko, V. Titarchuk
Pages: 131-138
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19. The fermentation of very high gravity (VHG) wort from starch containing raw materials
S. Oliynichuk, T. Lysak, O. Koval
Pages: 139-143
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20. Model engineering of combined drying of capillary-porous products using microwave energy
V. Shutyuk, S. Vasylenko, Yu. Dashkovskiy
Pages: 144-152
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21. New promising raw material for sugar industry – sweet sorghum (Sorghum saccharatum (L.) Pers.)
N. Grygorenko, V. Shtangeev, L. Khomichak.
Pages: 153-156
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22. Fruit fillings for muffins for special purpose
Pages: 157-162
A. Dorokhovich, O. Horzei
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23. Influence of dietary fibers on organoleptic characteristics of molded potato chips
А. Kovtun, V. Kovbasа, V. Pichkur
Pages: 163-169
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24. Study of spelt and pumpkin flour baking properties in case of using plasma-chemically activated water
S. Mykolenko, Y. Hez’
Pages: 170-177
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25. The comparison of carbohydrate-amylase complexes of wheat and spelt flour
A. Semenova, O. Pysarets, V. Drobot
Pages: 178-182
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26. Application of sous-vide technology for service members diet
A. Andriyanova, O. Dyshkantiuk
Pages: 183-188
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27. Biological desphosphorization of industrial wastewater
O. Semenova, L. Reshetniak, N. Bublienko, O. Semenova.
Pages: 189-195
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28. Electro-physical properties of magnesium citrate (3:2) aqueous solution
O. Zaslavskyi, O. Kozych, N. Kozych, A. Kustovska, O. Velikanov
Pages: 196-204
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29. Microbial profile of fungal kefir starter
V. Gudyma, K. Kopylova, O. Naumenko.
Pages: 205-209
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30. The effect of the use of flax seed meal in breadmaking industry
V. Drobot, O. Igevska, O. Tesla, J. Bondarenko
Pages: 210-213
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31. Assessment of the situation and levels of monopoly power in the food industry markets
O. Kovalenko
Pages: 214-226
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32. The formation and development of the market of raw meat in Ukraine
I. Vlasenko
Pages: 227-232
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33. Formation of effective food system of Ukraine in the context of globalization
O. Kuts
Pages: 233-238
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34. The features of formation and allocation of the resource base of the food industry of Ukraine
O. Shmahliy
Pages: 239-250
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35. Rapid assessment of competitiveness in food industry
L. Yashchenko
Pages: 251-260
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36. Evaluation of financial motivation factors at the baking industry enterprises
O. Tkach
Pages: 261-267
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37. Methodological approaches to valuation of bakery market of Ukraine
O. Bokiy
Pages: 268-278
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38. Principles of national strategic policy of development of raw material potential of meat processing industry
H. Lysenko
Pages: 279-284
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39. World experience of increasing of competitiveness of food industry based on cluster approach
N. Yurchenko
Pages: 285-295
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