Food Resources 2016-06. Contents



01. Food Resources Institute of NAAS. Present and future
M. Sychevskiy
Pages: 9-14
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02. Management of quality and safety of agricultural and food products: from the USSR standards to technical regulations of Ukraine
D. Krysanov
Pages: 15-29
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03. Using of domestic organic resources in innovative technologies of food industry
B. Andrushkiv, N. Kyrych, O. Pohaydak, L. Mel’nik
Pages: 30-36
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04. Innovation infrastructure of providing of development of food industry
O. Kovalenko
Pages: 37-50
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05. Deepening of theoretical knowledge of the definition of «industrial potential» in the context of improving the competitiveness of the food industry
O. Kuts
Pages: 51-60
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06. Parity of interbranch relations in the agricultural sector: retrospective, present and perspective
Pages: 61-69
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07. Providing the competitiveness of the food system of Ukraine on the basis of tax mechanisms
O. Kuts, T. Kuts
Pages: 70-78
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08. The formation of the added value of integrated market of fruit and vegetable production and model price of production
O. Shmahliy
Pages: 79-86
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09. Business activities in the baking industry: advantages and constraints
O. Bokiy
Pages: 87-95
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10. The essence and features of integration processes in the food industry
N. Yurchenko
Pages: 96-106
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11. Laws of formation of curdle milk clots in milk formula with hydrolyzed lactoze and high content of dry substance
I. Romanchuk, L. Moiseeva, O. Gondar, T. Rudakova
Pages: 107-112
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12. Study of component content of typical pate products and evaluation of possibility to enhance it with mechanically separated poultry meat
S. Bondar, L. Voitsekhivska, S. Verbytskyi
Pages: 113-122
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13. Study of properties of milk fat substitutes
O. Bodnarchuk
Pages: 123-130
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14. Analysis of microbiological research methods of meat microbiota
I. Panasiuk, S. Danylenko, O. Potemskaya, V. Zakrevskay
Pages: 131-139
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15. Technical aspects of guaranteeing food security: role of technical regulation
S. Verbytskyi
Pages: 140-146
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16. Phase transitions in fats and fat compositions
G. Yeresko., S. Ieroshenko, V. Mykhailyk, O. Parniakov
Pages: 147-157
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17. Effect of a protective medium for long-term storage of starter composition LRR
Ts. Korol
Pages: 158-166
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18. Bacteriocines of lactic acid bacteria as the natural food preservatives
V. Bortsyukh, M. Shugai
Pages: 167-175
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19. Research of effect of activated water solutions on the quality of chopped convenience meat
L. Voitsekhivska, V.  Lyzova, T. Schelckova, L. Borsolyuk 
Pages: 176-180
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20. Classification of food polysaccharides according to their chemical nature and function in dairy products
O. Oliinichenko, Ya. Zhukova, K. Kopylova
Pages: 181-193
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21. Optimization of silver carp roe salting conditions basing on water activity parameter
A. Menchinska, Т. Маyevska, T. Lebska
Pages: 194-201
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22. Features of fatty acid composition as biomarker of organic milk authenticity
P. Petrov, Ya. Zhukova
Pages: 202-211
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23. A study of microbiota of authentic products from different regions of Ukraine
N. Kigel, K. Kopylova, S. Danilenko, O. Naumenko
Pages: 212-221
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24. Research of possibility to obtain technologically-functional apple component for ice creams
L. Matsko
Pages: 222-229
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25. The features of pretreatment of corn post-harvest wastes
Y. Batog, S. Oliynichuk, T. Lysak, O. Koval
Pages: 230-233
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26. Research of rheological properties of whipped sweet meals on tea base
K. Rubanka, V. Terletska, O. Pisarets, Yu. Bratus
Pages: 234-239
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27. The influence of additional nutrition on raw sugar beet juice fermentation efficiency
O. Koval, S. Oliynichuk, T .Lysak, Y. Batog
Pages: 240-244
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28. Salt enrichment
R. Hrushetsky, I. Hrynenko
Pages: 245-248
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29. Microelement content of sugar of different origins
O. Zaslavski, O. Kozichч, N. Kozich, O. Velikanov
Pages: 249-252
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30. The thermoenzymatic treatment features of mashes from starch-containing raw materials
T. Lysak, S. Oliynichuk, Y. Batog, O. Koval
Pages: 253-261
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