Food Resources 2015-05. Contents



01. Importance of the problem of obtaining natural food range colorant from red beet
T. Sheiko, L. Khomichak, L. Melnyk, S. Matko
Pages: 6-10
02. Development of scientific and technical grounds to use electric-spark processes for treating foodstuffs
Yu. Dashkovskyi, A. Ukrainets
Pages: 11-15
03. Innovative technology of rye bread
K. Danilova, L. Tkachenko, O. Vitriak
Pages: 16-20
04. Research of rheological characteristics of guar gum solutions
V. Bakhmach
Pages: 21-28
05. Research of the ways to regain absorption ability of the natural carbon containing mineral Shungite
T. Sheiko
Pages: 29-33
06. Mathematical treatment of experimental research of manufacturing triticale flakes according to multi-factor experiment method
V. Novikov
Pages: 34-38
07. Adjustment of the method to accumulate starter composition for bacterial preparation used for sour cream butter
O. Bodnarchuk, N. Kihel
Pages: 39-45
08. Scientific and practical peculiarities of adjusting properties of water component in the formulations of meat products
L. Bal-Prylypko, B. Leonova, E. Starkova, O. Sokyrko, H. Brona
Pages: 46-55
09. Safety and quality of cheese: Bacillus cereus
M. Shuhai
Pages: 56-63
10. Results of comparative research of different poultry meats separated with the use of mechanical appliances
S. Bondar, Yu. Okhrimenko, T. Klyshchova, S. Verbytskyi
Pages: 64-71
11. Research of possibility to use glycine for manufacturing boiled sausages
V. Lyzova, L. Voytsekhovska 
Pages: 72-76
12. Research of morphological order of lactic acid bacteria phages by means of transmission electronic microscopy
O. Naumenko
Pages: 77-82
13. Artificial flavouring agents detection in dairy and milk-containing products
Ya. Zhukova, Ts. Korol, S. Petrishchenko
Pages: 83-89
14. Use of selective media to determine species affiliation of lactic acid bacteria
Ts. Korol
Pages: 90-98
15. Enhancing the assortment of meat products for consumers their labor implying physical overloads
L. Peshuk, T. Nosenko, O. Hashchuk
Pages: 99-102
16. Research of solubility of powder concentrates of whey proteins
A. Minorova, O. Hondar, N. Krushelnytska
Pages: 103-106
17. Substantiation of formulation of pasty milk containing products for nutrition of military consumers
H. Polishchuk, H. Simakhina, T. Semko, I. Ustymenko
Pages: 107-112
18. Use of natural complexes in manufacturing milk products for military consumers
H. Simakhina, H. Polishchuk 
Pages: 113-118
19. Use of microbial transglutaminase in the technology of poultry surimi
T. Maevskaia, S. Bazyvoliak, L. Peshuk
Pages: 119-125
20. Traits of structured lipids intended for low-calorie dairy products
Ya. Zhukova, T. Mudrak
Pages: 126-134
21. Agroindustrial transformations as the key precondition for the development of food sphere
P. Sabluk, M. Kropyvko, M. Mohylova
Pages: 136-146
22. Integration of the food complex of Ukraine into the economic medium of the European Union
D. Krysanov
Pages: 147-159
23. Essence of HACCP system in the contemporary ecological and economical terms of manufacturing safe foods
І. Vlasenko
Pages: 160-165
24. Characteristic of resource component of the productive potentials of branches of the food industry
H. Mykhailenko
Pages: 166-172
25. Organizational and economic mechanism of functioning of the market of the fruit and vegetables canning industry in Ukraine: theoretical concept and methodology of evaluation
O. Shmahlii
Pages: 173-185
26. Top-priority directions of import-substituting of foods in Ukraine
H. Mykhailenko, N. Kotkova, O. Bokii
Pages: 186-193
27. Factors of evaluation inner food market at stages of economic cycle of development
O. Bokii
Pages: 194-203
28. Effect of prices and revenues on the consumption of meat products
H. Lysenko
Pages: 204-210
29. Essence concept and essential characteristics of “grain production subcomplex” in the theory of agrarian economic relations
V. Pekhov
Pages: 211-214