Food Resources 2015-04 Technical sciences. Contents



01. Effect of shelf live of the inulin containing raw materials upon their carbohydrate composition
R. Hrushetskyi, I. Hrynenko, Yu. Dashkovskyi
Pages: 4-6
02. Paste from red beet – perspective way to improve assortment of food products
T. Sheiko
Pages: 7-10
03. Preparations with the solid phase in the nanodimensional state to be used in biological media of food plants
S. Tkachenko, Yu. Dashkovskyi, S. Oliinichuk, L. Khomichak, K. Lopatko, A. Marynin
Pages: 11-17
04. Preconditions of the use of the preparations with the solid phase in the nanodimensional state as catalysts in the processes of food plants
S. Tkachenko
Pages: 18-22
05. Food value of a functional sour milk product intended for gerontological diets
I. Romanchuk, T. Rudakova, S. Andreus, L. Moiseieva
Pages: 23-26
06. Effect of lactation phase and alimentary diet on the fat acid content of human milk
Ya. Zhukova
Pages: 26-31
07. Research of effectiveness of the recombination of milk whey dry concentrates by means of ultrasound treatment
O. Kochubei-Lytvynenko, A. Marynin, O. Krasulia
Pages: 32-39
08. Research of the retentate and permeate physical and chemical composition during ultrafiltration of the cheese milk whey
A. Minorova
Pages: 40-45
09. Isolation of the biologically active strains of a sour-milk product of the Caucasus nations
Ts. Korol, D. Naumenko
Pages: 46-52
10. Flow of the proteolytic processes in brine cheeses made of milk from different animal species
B. Halukh
Pages: 53-57
11. Research of microbiological parameters of bryndza made with the partial replacement of sodium chloride with potassium chloride
I. Skulska, O. Tsisaryk
Pages: 58-62
12. Viscosity of milk fat substitutes in the range of phase transitions
H. Yeresko, S. Yeroshenko, D. Artemonov
Pages: 63-68
13. Antagonistic activity as the criterion to select lactobacteria in the technology of dairy fermented products
M. Shuhai
Pages: 69-74
14. Formulation of complex starter composition for sour cream spreads and research of functioning of this composition
O. Bodnarchuk
Pages: 75-80
15. Program of enhanced phage monitoring
O. Naumenko
Pages: 81-86
16. Selection of yeasts to be included to a starter composition for kefir manufacturing
V. Hudyma, N. Kihel
Pages: 87-91
17. Production of raw smoked sausages of spreadable consistency with the use of bacterial preparations
В. Лизова
Pages: 92-98
18. Results of research of physical and chemical parameters of collagen containing raw materials of broilers' legs
S. Verbytskyi, Yu. Okhrimenko, S. Bondar
Pages: 99-102
19. Development and probation of immunoenzymatic analysis method to detect soy proteins in meat products
O. Shchebentovska, U. Drachuk
Pages: 103-108
20. Screening of biologically active strains isolated from meat products
Ts. Korol
Pages: 109-116
21. Use of the functional additive BK-Pt for broilers rearing
S. Danylenko, S. Harda
Pages: 117-122