Food Resources 2015-04 Economic sciences. Contents



01. Organizational and economic essence of the “Food system” category
M. Sychevskyi, L. Deineko
Pages: 4-9
02. Deregulation: impactful mechanism of forming effective food system of Ukraine amid globalization
O. Kuts
Pages: 10-16
03. Principal stages of business integration: peculiarities, goals, tasks, risks
N. Skopenko
Pages: 17-26
04. Current issues of the relationship of food industry enterprises with trade in the frames of the food system of Ukraine
H. Mykhailenko
Pages: 27-30
05. Current state and problems of development of cooperative movement in Ukraine
V. Tsikhanovska
Pages: 31-36
06. Alteration of property forms and management in the food sector of the national economy in the end of XXth – beginning of the XXIth century
O. Shmahlii
Pages: 37-42
07. Social and economic aspects of improving quality of food commodities 
M. Sychevskyi, K. Danilova
Pages: 43-48
08. Enhancing pricing mechanism and its effect on the development of competitive ability of sugar branch enterprises
V. Yemtsev, I. Yemtseva
Pages: 49-56
09. Economic grounds of the production of animal products in Ukraine
I. Svynous, D. Mykytiuk
Pages: 57-61
10. Substantiating means to incline efficiency of poultry production in Ukraine
V. Zabolotnyi, O. Havryliuk
Pages: 62-67
11. Current state and problems of functioning of dairy husbandry in Ukraine
L. Ivanova
Pages: 68-73
12. Social and commercial vectors of forming configuration of added value in the food complex
O. Kovalenko
Pages: 74-80
13. Possibilities to enhance active foreign trade of Ukraine with foods
N. Kotkova
Pages: 81-86
14. Competitive ability of the food complex of Ukraine amid the system crisis
O. Kushnirenko
Pages: 87-94
15. Methodical approaches to the risks allocation in the chain of the commodity flow of milk from producer to consumer
T. Ruda
Pages: 95-99
16. Peculiarities of flour balance forming under actual conditions
O. Bokii
Pages: 100-107
17. Disparity problem in resource providing of the agrarian sector
P. Burkovskyi
Pages: 108-112