Food Resources 2014-03 Economic sciences. Contents



01. Prospects for the formation of food resources in the context of the development of agrarian reform
P. Sabluk
Pages: 5-12
02. Priorities in the formation of the food and market strategy of the agro-food complex of Ukraine
V. Nelep
Pages: 13-19
03. Experience in the practical application of modernization theories in the food policy of developing countries
M. Sychevskyi, L. Deineko
Pages: 20-26
04. Food resources and social progress
Yuzefovych A.E.
Pages: 27-32
05. The role of globalization in solving food problem
L. Zakrevska
Pages: 33-37
06. Innovative and investment support and competitiveness of processing and food production
D. Krysanov
Pages: 38-48
07. Research of the investment attractiveness of the food industry
T. Basiuk
Pages: 49-55
08. Resource provision of innovative activity of enterprises
Yu. Levchenko
Pages: 56-61
09. Actual aspects of the formation and functioning of the vegetable market
R. Skupskyi
Pages: 62-70
10. Development of integration processes in the agroindustrial complex
I. Kovalchuk
Pages: 71-78
11. Peculiarities of business activity of industrial processing of vegetables and fruits
N. Zhuzhukina
Pages: 79-83
12. Brewing barley - malt – beer: trends of development in Ukraine and the world
O. Shmahlii
Pages: 84-99
13. Contemporary realities of development of Ukrainian beet sugar complex
N. Lukashenko
Pages: 100-107
14. Challenges and perspectives of flour-and-cereals branch
O. Bokii
Pages: 108-112
15. The current state and tendencies of development of dairy industry in Ukraine
T. Keranchuk
Pages: 113-118
16. Estimation of the external economic factor in the development of the brewing industry in Ukraine
N. Kotkova
Pages: 119-126
17. Practical aspects of the development of the organic products market in Ukraine
T. Lutska
Pages: 127-131
18. Formation of resource potential of enterprises of the food industry
V. Riabenko
Pages: 132-137
19. System analysis of economic safety of enterprises of the food industry
M. Pikh
Pages: 138-144
20. Improving the quality control of products at the enterprises of the bakery industry
Yu. Trush
Pages: 145-149
21. Current state and problems of functioning of raw material base of meat-processing enterprises
H. Lysenko
Pages: 150-154
22. Formation of the production program of enterprises of the baking industry of Ukraine
I. Novoitenko, V. Malynovskyi
Pages: 155-162