Food Resources 2014-03 Technical sciences. Contents



01. Effect of the preliminary treatment of vegetable raw materials on juice extraction by pressing
R. Hrushetskyi
Pages: 8-10
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02. Carotin-inulin complex and prospects of its use for preventive and curative nutrition
I. Hrynenko
Pages: 11-13
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03. Structure of bread products: comparison of the results of sensorial and instrumental quality parameters
S. Verbytskyi, L. Anisimova, L. Teslenko
Pages: 14-18
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04. Physical and chemical properties of pectins of different etherification level and substantiation of the terms of their use in confectionary products
U. Yovbak, V. Petrenko, V. Obolkina, I. Karpovych
Pages: 19-22
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05. Structural and mechanical properties of dough of compositional mixture containing corn flour
O. Pysarets, I. Holinka, V. Drobot
Pages: 23-26
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06. Developing technology of biscuits of dietary and functional intention
A. Abramova, V. Dorokhovych
Pages: 27-30
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07. Peculiarities of the technology of blown work when using a whey protein concentrate as foaming substance
T. Kalinovska, V. Obolkina
Pages: 31-35
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08. Effect of gluten-free flour on wafer products and course of technological processes
I. Tarasenko, V. Dorokhovych, S. Ivanov
Pages: 36-39
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09. Raw materials for manufacturing potato chips
O. Lysohor, V. Kovbasa, T. Kupriianova
Pages: 40-43
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10. Research of hygroscopic properties of multicomponent mixtures with coffee and tea 
K. Rubanka, V. Terletska, I. Zinchenko
Pages: 44-46
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11. Effect of “freshness K +” complex baking improver on the shelf life duration of bread products
E. Khalikova, O. Bilyk, V. Bondar
Pages: 47-51
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12. Directions of use of scab resistant cultivars of apple
Yu. Honcharuk
Pages: 52-56
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13. Effect of storage temperature on the quality parameters of thermoacid cheese with cultivation of cheese mass
H. Kalmykova
Pages: 58-62
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14. Research of storage efficiency of cheese Pecherskiy
M. Stepanyshchev
Pages: 63-67
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15. Some of technological aspects of manufacturing sour-cream butter
O. Bodnarchuk, Yu. Maiboroda, H. Yeresko, N. Kihel
Pages: 68-72
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16. Comparison study of the rheological parameters of mixtures used to manufacture ice creams on the milk base
H. Polishchuk, V. Martych, L. Matsko
Pages: 73-78
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17. Standardization of trade language
N. Usatenko, Yu. Okhrimenko, S. Bondar
Pages: 79-82
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18. Result of technological modes effect on the state of protein system of broiler meat
N. Usatenko
Pages: 83-91
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19. Technological modes effecting weight alterations of broiler carcasses
N. Usatenko
Pages: 92-97
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20. Selecting bacterial preparation for fermentation of poultry meat
T. Kryzhska, Ts. Korol, S. Danylenko, N. Kihel, N. Usatenko
Pages: 98-106
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21. Effect of fat oil of pumpkin seeds on the quality of boiled sausages
L. Voitsekhivska, T. Shelkova, I. Bielova, V. Fomichev
Pages: 107-110
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22. Effect of working bodies of plate-scraper heat exchanger on the heat exchange intensity and the spends of mechanic energy
H. Yeresko, S. Yeroshenko
Pages: 111-119
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23. Bacteriophages circulating at dairy enterprises of Ukraine
O. Naumenko
Pages: 120-129
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24. Research of different factors effecting vitality of lactobacteria
S. Danylenko
Pages: 130-134
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25. Probability of the horizontal gene transfer to meats of domestic and wild animals
T. Mudrak, Ya. Zhukova
Pages: 135-145
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26. Research of content of oleic acid trans-isomers in the fat phase of milk and confectionary products
Ya. Zhukova, Ts. Korol, S. Petryshchenko
Pages: 146-154
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27. Developing of a synergetic model while using combined methods of products decontamination
S. Sokolov, M. Sevatorov, O. Dekan, O. Hura
Pages: 155-159
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