Food Resources 2014-02. Contents



01. Advanced technologies of biofuel of plant raw materials
S. Oliynychuk, V. Sosnitskiy
Pages: 8-14
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02. Technological aspects of the use of spelt flour in bakery
V. Drobot, L. Mikhonok, A. Semenova
Pages: 15-17
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03. Synthesizing of a symbiotic on the base of inulin and bifidobacteria
R. HrushetskiyL. Khomichak, I. Hrinenko
Pages: 18-22
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04. Lignin-cellulosic biomass as a raw material for bioethanol of the second generation
Batoh Yu., OliynychukS., LysakT., KovalO.
Pages: 23-27
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05. Amino acids exchange under conditions of producing alcohol worts of starch containing raw materials
T. Lysak, S. Oliynychuk, Yu. Batoh, O. Koval
Pages: 28-34
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06. Development of jelly glaze on the basis of carrot pectin containing juice with addition of structure forming agents
U. Yovbak, V. Obolkina
Pages: 35-39
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07. Effect of baking additives on the technological process and quality of products with corn flour
O. Pysarets, V. Drobot
Pages: 40-42
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08. Comparative analysis of juridical regulation of compulsory norms concerning food products in Ukraine, the Custom Union and the European Union
I. Romanchuk
Pages: 44-46
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09. Possibilities to export meats and meat products to EU member states: rules and prospects
S. Verbytskyi
Pages: 47-50
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10. Express-method to evaluate quality of meat products
N. Usatenko, Yu. Okhrimenko
Pages: 51-55
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11. Effect of compositions of bacterial preparations on lessening residual content of sodium nitrite
L.Nedorizaniuk, O.Franko, L. Voitsekhivska
Pages: 56-58
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12. Research of effect of the method of bacterial preparation activating in the production of sour cream butter
O. Bodnarchuk, N. Kihel, H. Yeresko
Pages: 59-63
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13. Isolation, identification and study of the traits of lactobacteria from kefir fungi and kefir
V. Hudyma, N. Kihel
Pages: 64-70
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14. Effect of partial substitution of sodium chloride with potassium chloride on the grow of white mould cultures in nutritive medium
Ya. Zhukova, Ts. Korol, V. Malova, H. Chumanska
Pages: 71-75
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15. Research of the possibility of admission of structural and mechanical parameters of the liquid milk products as the norms concerning their quality
S. Verbytskyi, L. Teslenko, N. Patsera
Pages: 76-83
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16. Peculiarities of diacetyl and acetaldehyde accumulation throughout cream fermentation by L. lactis ssp. lactis biovar. diacetylactis cultures
Ya. Zhukova, Ts. Korol, S. Petryshchenko
Pages: 84-88
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17. Ripening process of cheese with two kinds of molds
Yu. Orliuk, M. Stepanyshchev
Pages: 89-93
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18. Ripening process of «Osinniy» cheese
H. Kalmykova
Pages: 94-97
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19. Microbiological quality of domestic cheeses
M. Shugay, N. Chorna, N. Kihel
Pages: 98-101
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20. Evaluation of the variation dynamics of oil crops yield in Ukraine
N. Kotkova, O. Kovalenko
Pages: 103-111
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21. Development of innovative infrastructure of brewing in Ukraine
O. Shmahliy
Pages: 112-119
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22. Research of the effect of price forming factors in manufacturing of milk products
Yu. Sira
Pages: 120-125
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23. Investments and innovation infrastructure of the market of bakery products
O. Bokiy
Pages: 126-131
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24. Effect of internal and external factors on the development of sugar enterprises in the sugar beet complex in Ukraine
N. Lukashenko, S. Kotkov
Pages: 132-140