Food Resources 2013-01. Contents



01. Formation of national food system: current state and prospects
M. Sychevskiy, OPoleshchuk, OKovalenko
Pages: 8-21
02. Quality specifications of traditional milk products
I. Romanchuk
Pages: 22-31
03. Designing principles and use of the starter cultures of IFR
NKigel, O. Naumenko
Pages: 32-42
04. Gravimetric method of content (by mass) of bone inclusions in ground meat products
N. Usatenko, YuOkhrimenko, S. Bondar
Pages: 43-49
05. Effect of lactobacteria on spontaneous flora of meat
S. Danylenko, N. Kigel
Pages: 50-57
06. Bacterial preparations as additional «barrier» in manufacturing fermented meat products
O. Franko, SDanylenkoL. Nedorizaniuk
Pages: 58-64
07. Effect of geometrical parameters of cog flow cutters on texture parameters of comminuted meats
H. Yeresko, S.Verbytskyi
Pages: 65-81
08. Research of fermentation conditions of the fermentation of cheese bulk in production of thermoacid cheeses
Yu. Orliuk, H. Kalmykova, S. Narizhniy
Pages: 82-90
09. Traits of sour-cream butter of aroma enhanced by bringing a starter to layer
N. Kigel, H. YereskoO. Bodnarchuk
Pages: 91-97
10. Different cultures of white mold effecting depositing of volatile aromatic compounds in mild cheeses
Ya. Zhukova, Ts. Korol, M. Vakulenko, V. Malova
Pages: 98-104
11. Safety and quality of cheese: how to improve microbiologic parameters of raw milk
M. ShuhayN. Kigel
Pages: 105-116
12. Compositae family as a promising source of inulin
L. Khomichak, R. Hrushetskiy, I. Hrinenko
Pages: 117-122