FOOD RESOURCES 2015. Issue N 5. Article 25

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25. Organizational and economic mechanism of functioning of the market of the fruit and vegetables canning industry in Ukraine: theoretical concept and methodology of evaluation
O. Shmahlii
Pages: 173-185
Theoretical approaches to determine the transaction costs of distributing and exchanging goods and finance in the sectoral market economy of fruits and vegetables canning industry were developed and substantiated. The methodology to measure economic efficiency and quantify transaction costs is represented; it is proven that the technology of designing integrated the analytical indicator of trnasaction costs efficiency reflects the objective quantitative assessment of the organizational and econimic capacity functioning of specialized cannned fruits and vegetables market infrastructure. Based on the developed theoretical statements and practical generalizations, the theoretical model of the infrastructure’s integrated efficiency, that actually appears a constructive factor in the improvement and adequate modernization of the organizational and economic mechanism of market infrastructure functioning in the canned vegetables and fruits industry, are grounded.
Key words: canned fruits and vegetables industry, integral indicator of transaction costs, organizational and economic mechanism, specialized infrastructure, transaction costs
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