FOOD RESOURCES 2015. Issue N 5. Article 24

24. Characteristic of resource component of the productive potentials of branches of the food industry
H. Mykhailenko
Pages: 166-172
The article analyzes the composition of polystructural productive capacity. The production capacity is primarily seen as a combination of functioning resources, capable to produce a certain amount of product. Therefore, special attention is paid to the state of its resource component. The article describes the state of the land resources of Ukraine, the acreage of major crops, the production of major crops by agricultural enterprises, the income of crop production to processing plants. In the study of the use of production (resources) building processing enterprises special attention is given to enterprises for the processing of raw materials of animal origin. It is determined in the paper that for efficient use of the productive capacity of the processing industries it is necessary to ensure balanced development of all elements of the production potential.
Key words: economic system, industry focus, potential production capacity, production and business activities, resources
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