FOOD RESOURCES 2015. Issue N 5. Article 18

18. Use of natural complexes in manufacturing milk products for military consumers
Н. Simakhina, H.Polishchuk 
Pages: 113-118
The impact of complicated conditions of environment on the organism of soldiers is not studied well by now. Practical absence of up-to-date research of functional possibilities of a soldier’s organism in the conditions adequate to those experienced in ATO zone requires the proper attention; otherwise the bad environment may essentially worsen the soldiers’ health. The most efficient way to deal with this situation is creating foodstuffs with biocomponents supposed to be able to protect the soldier’s organism, to optimize his functional state, and to mobilize the natural powers of the organism. The specimen of such a product is the new sort of yoghurt with fruit-and-berry filling, designed by authors of the article.
Key words: adequate nutrition, apples, cranberries, dairy base, military personnel, puree, qualitative indices, yoghurt
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