FOOD RESOURCES 2014. Issue N 4. Technical sciences. Article 14

14. Formulation of complex starter composition for sour cream spreads and research of functioning of this composition
O. Bodnarchuk
Pages: 75-80
In the article conducted job performances are resulted on the search of effective composition of bacterial composition for sour cream spred. Intensity of accumulation of cells, synthesis of aromatic connections of diacetil and volatile organic acids and organoleptik, served as criteria of estimation of bacterial compositions. Dependence of growth and metabolic activity of microflora of dairy starter of the leaven of the relationship between the strains in sowing material is shown. Involvement in the complement of bacterial composition propionic acid bacteria increases the ability to produce aroma and acidity of dairy starter is founded.
Key words: bacterial composition, lactic acid bacteria, propionic acid bacteria, acidity, diacetil, volatile organic acids
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