FOOD RESOURCES 2018. Issue N 11. Article 02

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N. Bozhko , V. Tishchenko, V. Pasichnyi, M. Satsky
Pages: 13-20
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One of the directions of rational use of raw materials, taking into account the volumes of production in the field of animal husbandry, is the change in the structural composition of the resources of the industry in the direction of increasing poultry meat. The aim of the research was to substantiate and develop new meatcontaining products, namely meat loaf, using meat of various types of poultry. The subject of research was the technology of meatcontaining meat loaf. Model recipes for meatcontaining loaf were developed on the basis of Muscovy duck meat and mechanically separated poultry meat (MSPM). The research was based on the task of developing meatcontaining loaf, in which cheap raw materials in combination with high-quality meat raw materials could meet the sensorial characteristics of meat loaf and have high nutritional and biological value, sensorial and consumer characteristics. As a result, the possibility of combining poultry meat and low-value poultry meat namely turkey mechanically separated meat with traditional types of meat and plant raw materials is confirmed to ensure the high nutritional value of meatcontaining products. Use of Muscovy duck meat with turkey`s mechanically separated meat in the stuffing allows to provide a number of protein and fat, in accordance with the recommendations of dietary nutrition. The introduction of waterfowl meat and mechanically separated turkey meat with by-products of the first category makes it possible to obtain meat-containing products with 13.66-13.56 g / 100 g protein, which significantly exceeds the normative values for protein content for meat-containing loaves in accordance with current standards. Inclusion of Muscovy duck meat, turkey`s mechanically separated meat and pork in recipes of emulsified meatcontaining products allows obtaining food products with high sensory parameters, which increases their consumer value. Results can be applied in the meat industry. Subsequent research is expected to determine the biological value of developed products for the developed formulations and to determine their functional and technological indicators to justify the economic feasibility of introduction into production.
Key words: waterfowl, poultry meat, mechanical collapse, meat-containing loaf, by-products
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