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 Dear colleagues,

The Institute of Food Resources (IFR) of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences (NAAS) of Ukraine is a leading institution for the scientific support of the technical and technological progress of the food and processing industry of Ukraine, as well as for solving the economic problems of the development of these industries.

The activity of the scientific institution, created in 2012 on the basis of Technological milk and meat institute through expansion of its sphere of activity, consists in carrying out researches, realization and introduction of scientific developments into production with the aim of rational use of raw materials resources, improvement of production efficiency, ensuring the proper quality and enhancing the competitiveness of domestic products in the conditions of forming market relations in meat processing, dairy, sugar, alcohol, bakery, confectionery, other sub-sectors of the food and processing industry of Ukraine.

The main activities of IFR of the NAAS are development and improvement of technologies and equipment for production of meat and dairy products, in particular for baby food; technologies of dietary supplements and bacterial preparations for food production; study of chemical composition and properties of plant and animal raw materials; innovative technologies for the production of high quality food products; technologies of application of non-traditional raw materials for creation of food of health and preventive action; new research methods for agricultural raw materials and food; improvement of food quality control; solution of economic problems of processing industry and food resources (markets, economic efficiency of production, state support, pricing, infrastructure, monitoring, etc.).

Examples of the most successful developments of IFR of the NAAS are technologies and formulations designed for young and older children of “Vitalact” sour-milk product, delicate sour-cream butter with aromatization at the stage of product structure formation, as well as the sour-milk product “Heroolact”, which under the license of the Institute was manufactured in Denmark under the name “Gaio”. Meat-processing enterprises of Ukraine are actively introducing the technologies of production of meat products of traditional assortment – boiled, half-smoked, cooked-smoked sausages, semi-finished products, etc., developed by experts of the Institute, whose quality meets the high requirements of national standards of Ukraine. The Institute has developed an important technology for the sugar industry for the joint production of sugar and bioethanol in a sugar mill, which can be implemented both in the construction of new and in the reconstruction of existing enterprises.

For many years, the selection of new strains of industrially valuable microorganisms for use in biotechnology for the production of meat and dairy products has been one of the important areas of activity of IFR of the NAAS. The production of the drugs developed by the Institute’s scientists was mastered at the “Iprovit” State research enterprise of bacterial starter cultures, which is well known to both domestic producers and caring parents who care about the healthy nutrition of their babies.

One of the activities of IFR of the NAAS is the development of modern technological equipment of processing enterprises. Machinery and equipment developed by experienced designers of the Institute – cheese makers, installations for the production of butter and spreads, a variety of meat processing equipment – are manufactured at the mechanical production facilities of IFR of the NAAS and are actively implemented in Ukraine and abroad.

A number of new methods and techniques for quality control and safety of meat, dairy and other food products have been developed and mastered by IFR of the NAAS experts. In 2013 IFR of the NAAS was certified by the State Enterprise “Ukrmetrteststandart” according to the criteria of certification of measuring laboratories. The Institute has a certificate of accreditation in accordance with the requirements of SSTU ІSO/IEC 17025:2006 in the field of organoleptic, physico-chemical, chromatographic, microbiological and molecular genetic testing of food and raw materials.

IFR of the NAAS successfully fulfills the functions of the secretariat of the Technical Committee for Standardization 140 (TC 140) “Milk, meat and products of their processing” and Technical Committee for standardization 56 (TC 56) “Sugar and starch products”, which carry out the work envisaged by the National Standardization to ensure the relevant industries with national standards developed with due regard for the achievements of modern science. Work on the harmonization of existing international standards of the International Organization for Standardization of ISO, the International Dairy Federation of FIL / IDF, the European Committee for Standardization of CEN, etc. also play an important role in TC 140 and TC 56.

Over the past 10 years, the scope of research of the IFR of the NAAS has significantly expanded and an important contribution has been made to increasing production efficiency, ensuring proper quality and strengthening the competitiveness of domestic products in the conditions of the formation of market relations in the meat processing, milk processing, sugar, alcohol, bakery and other sub-sectors of food and processing industry of Ukraine. In total, during this period, 116 protection documents were obtained for objects of industrial property, of which 57 - for inventions, 8 - for utility models, 20 - for signs for goods and services, 31 protection documents for objects of copyright and related rights, and about 2,000 agreements and contracts for the use of objects of intellectual property rights, scientific and science-intensive products were also concluded.

We sincerely invite you to cooperate
Sincerely, Director, Doctor of Science (Engineering), Professor,
corresponding member of the NAAS of Ukraine
Lyubomyr Khomichak

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