FOOD RESOURCES 2014. Issue N 3. Economic sciences. Article 17

17. Practical aspects of the development of the organic products market in Ukraine
T. Lutska
Pages: 127-131
The article considers that having a significant potential for organic farming, exports, consumption in the domestic market, Ukraine has made some progress on developing domestic organic production. According to the Organic Federation of Ukraine, the modern domestic consumer market for organic products in Ukraine began to develop in 2006–2007, and was in the 2008 yr – 600 thousand. Euros, 2009 – 1.2 million. Euros in 2010 yr. this figure increased to 2.4 million. euros, and in 2011 – to 5.1 million. euros. In September 2013 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was taken, LAW OF UKRAINE «On the production and circulation of organic agricultural products and raw materials» In general, the law theoretically defined long controversial and troubling issues, but their practical implementation hinder some aspects of the modern environment: still not registered real mechanism of action, being developed relevant regulations, the Register is established producers, is questionable execution control functions of the state; regarding certification in general: the population has a high level of distrust in the process of obtaining any permits, namely that the quality on the certified product, besides a similar situation occurs with the process quality control.
Key words: organic market, quality control and certification.
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