FOOD RESOURCES 2015. Issue N 5. Article 04

04. Research of rheological characteristics of guar gum solutions
V. Bakhmach
Pages: 21-28
Rheological characteristics of aqueous solutions of gum are studied. Mayonnaise is an «oil in water» emulsion consisting of 50-85% edible oil, 5-10% egg yolk, vinegar, salt and seasonings. The emulsion is stabilized by egg yolk phospholipids. Products with a lower oil content (< 50%) may contain thickening agents such as starch, pectin, gum, CMC, milk proteins. Mayonnaise technology is wide field for guar gum using. Its stability at low pH, salt tolerance, high viscosity at low shear and pseudoplastic rheology make it an ideal thickener and stabiliser for products. Due to the pseudoplastic rheology imparted by the guar gum they pour easily but cling well to the salad. Low levels of guar gum provide high viscosity in sauces and gravies at both acid and neutral pH. Viscosity is also stable to temperature changes and is maintained under a variety of long-term storage conditions. Guar gum can be used to partially replace starch in this application to improve stability and give a cleaner, less pasty mouthfeel. The results are important in modeling stabilization systems for the production of low-fat mayonnaise and sauces.
Key words: Guar gum, galaktomanan, rheology, stabilization, structure, viscosity
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